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floss picks travel size

  • 3 IN 1 FLOSS PICK & TONGUE SCRAPER: Fully functional tongue scraper to freshen breath.
  • COMBO SET - SENSITIVE TEETH TOOTHPASTE: Specially crafted natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth and sensitive gums.
  • CLEANEST AND NATURAL SENSITIVE FORMULATION: Made in GREECE. Wholesome and healthy ingredients to aid your sensitive tooth and gum problems.

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floss picks travel size


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Experience why people rave about our floss pick and tongue scraper combo

Immediate fresh, clean breath with a simple and gag proof floss with pick

More than just a floss pick. The only 3-in-1 floss pick and tongue cleaner.

floss pick tongue scraper

3-in-1 Total Care

#1: Strong, non-breaking floss head - The perfect angle and strength to reach back molars with ease.

#2: Safety pick - A floss with a pick to clean between teeth and stimulate gums for oral health.

#3: Best tongue cleaner - Digs away germs and gunk from your tongue to eliminate bad breath.

Why settle for inferior products?

Do you have tight teeth? Sick of the floss breaking on you? We came up with a non breaking floss after using countless brands and throwing away multiple floss picks because they all broke.

Main stream products are made of cheap flimsy plastic that bend and don't provide enough power.

Try Fresh-Aid's floss pick tongue cleaner for the ultimate fresh mouth.

Goodbye to bad breath

Did you know the #1 cause of bad breath is your tongue? Your tongue is like a carpet. It traps food and builds up bacteria constantly.

Scrape away bad breath caused by dry mouth, food leftovers, saliva, smoking and other gunk on your tongue.

Floss first and then scrape your tongue or brush your teeth for instant freshness. Save yourself from potentially embarrassing bad breath moments.

floss pick travel toothpaste mojito trial flosspick

Floss pick tongue cleaner bundle - 1 bag of flossers, 1 small travel fluoride free sensitive toothpaste.

floss pick travel toothpaste mojito trial flosspick
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Real reviews

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best floss pick tongue scraper combo
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What customers say about our floss sticks and tongue cleaner combo

Customer Reviews


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      Why did I ever buy this brand?!

By MariaS on April/05/2020

Compared with what I’ve used for years - Plackers - these aren’t nearly as good. I decided to try them due to good reviews and the tongue scraper thing. Forget the scraper - I got the same result from using the back side of my toothbrush, which has a “nubby” surface. But the actual floss material of these is far worse that that of Plackers. It shreds almost immediately, clumps up with food particles or anything else between your teeth. The floss is truly gross looking and mostly shredded when you are done using it. I will throw out the three packages I got, and go back to Plackers, where the floss stands up to vigorous use.

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      The product is awesome

By chung1991 on February/04/2020

Wish it could be made from other material than plastic

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      Great buy!

By Pamela H. on January/19/2020

Great Buy!

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      I like it

By Alejandra torrez on January/18/2020

Very good product low price I receive 4 packets

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      Great product

By elizabeth on January/14/2020

We really like these. So much easier to get the kids to floss with these. And the tongue scrubbing option is pretty nice.

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      Best flosser

By Jeff Hill on January/12/2020

Really prefer these over any flosser I've ever used.

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      3in1 Tool to Keep your Mouth Clean

By Nana on January/03/2020

I tried other products to keep my teeth healthy with positive results but I never thought scraping your tongue would improve your breath and oral hygiene. Look up the 5 benefits of scraping your tongue. 1. Improve sense of taste 2. Make your tongue look better. No White coating 3. Scraping twice a day removes bacteria that causes bad breath and dental decay 4. Removing that tongue bacteria prevents cavities and gum disease 5. Most importantly reduces bad breath. Tried it and it works! Use it with mouth wash for even more cleaner breath.

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      Tongue scraper is the deal maker

By john on December/30/2019

I've used this product for a few days now and I have to say I love it. I have used a couple of other name brand disposable floss picks before but they are really poorly made and the floss always breaks. This one solves these problems, but also comes with a tongue cleaner! I know this is a disposable one, but it almost feels like it could be reusable. The plastic is soft but sturdy, and the tooth pick comes out perfectly each time which is comparable to other brands. However, the floss thickness is the same size as others but it easily slides between teeth without ripping. I have a lot of dental fillings and had one come out using another brand I won't mention, but I don't think I would have that problem since this one glides in and out easlier. The game changer is the tongue cleaner though! I've never seen a disposable floss with a tongue scraper, and this one works incredibly well. I have a fairly dry mouth so I do get build up during the day so this is perfect for me. Highly recommend this product even if its only for the tongue cleaner.

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      Blows competition away!

By Sam Choi on December/29/2019

This is exactly what I have been looking for! The scraper comes in handy and helps with cleaning. The string is super strong unlike the other ones where the strings at times break and may cause safety issues. This has a very good value vs competition and won't be going back to other ones!!

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By Amazon Customer on December/29/2019

Works very well Perfect size I love to have some in my purse for emergencies

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Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products


Fall in love with the 3-in-1 floss pick tongue scraper or your money back

We like to keep it simple.

Fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund.*

No questions asked.

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scrape my tongue using a tongue cleaner?

Place the tongue cleaner towards the back of your tongue and pull forward to scrape away the residue. Rinse your mouth after cleaning your tongue.

How many pieces of floss are in the Fresh-Aid packs?

For the Fresh Aid 3 in-1 Total Care Floss, Pick & Tongue pack, you can choose between a pack of 30 counts or a pack of 60 counts floss, pick and tongue cleaner.

For the Triple Care pack, you can choose between a pack of 30 counts or a pack of 75 counts floss, pick and tongue cleaner.

How do I floss using the Fresh-Aid 3 in 1 Total Care Floss, Pick, and Tongue Cleaner

Gently guide the floss in between teeth in sawing motion. Floss gently back and forth, up and down alongside each tooth. Rinse floss as necessary. 

Does the Fresh-Aid floss have flavor?

 Yes. The Fresh-Aid floss comes in mint flavor.

How frequent should I use the floss? 

ADA recommends flossing (or using interdental cleaners) at least once a day to remove debris or dental plaques in between your teeth or from hard to reach places.

Can I rinse and re-use my floss, pick or tongue cleaner

Each item is for one-time use only. Using the floss, pick or tongue cleaner again might lose its effectiveness or cause more harm to your mouth. For hygienic purposes, dispose of the item after use.

Can tongue-scraping minimize or prevent bad breath?

Yes, There is a build up of debris, bacteria and dead skin cells on the tongue. Cleaning your tongue regularly together with brushing can help prevent bacteria build-up and reduce or prevent bad breath (Halitosis)

How do I use a pick?

Guide the pick in an area into where the particles are trapped. Gently use in and out or up and down motion to clean between teeth and stimulate your gums.

Is flossing necessary?

Yes. Flossing combined with brushing and rinsing keeps your mouth healthy. It helps protect your mouth against gingivitis, bad breath and other oral health conditions.

When is the best time to floss?

It depends on your preference. The best time is one that fits well with your schedule. It can be done in the morning as part of morning ritual, after midday meal, or in the evening after bedtime.

floss pick with tongue scraper fresh aid

The Only 3-in-1 Disposable Floss, Pick and Tongue Cleaner

floss pick with tongue scraper fresh aid
Vanilla – 999 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      25 REVIEWS 4.80 of 5

Real reviews


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